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So over the past few months, I’ve gotten a lot closer with tons of really amazing people in the Smosh fandom. I put together a quick little follow forever, and again, this is *all smosh blogs*,so if you’re not a Smosh blog, just wait until I put together a standard follow forever to check for your url uwu
Also, while I mostly know them for their Smosh posts, not all of these blogs post 100% Smosh!!

There’s definitely a chance that I forgot one or two people, and I’m so sorry if I did! But anyways, I love all of you guys~

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Smosh interview in 2006.

I honestly cried while making these gifs. They’ve come so far, and they did it. They did it.

 Hello beautiful .. +
 Festival Look +
Cuties (✿◠‿◠)






the queen has spoken


@mellylaughs Even if it just The Walking Dead comics, I really like it when he reads. :D